Volume control dampers


Jalousieklappen InoxEnglishshut off damper round versionEntrauchungsklappen aus V2Asmoke extracting damper 600°+29

Volume control dampers, also called blade dampers, in all conventional materials, sizes and designs. We also supply a number of additional options, materials and special sizes. The Lucoma modular system gives us extreme flexibility to implement range of different solutions. Every damper is manufactured just in time to your specifications.

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Pressure-relief dampers

overpressure flap or pressure-relief damper

Druckentlastungsklappen aus Stahl verzinktDruckentlastungsklappe mit SchutzgitterDruckausgleichsklappeoverpressure flap+10

Pressure-relief dampers, also called overpressure dampers, with purely mechanical trigger system. The blades are closed in home position. When pressure rises above the specified value, the blades open and return automatically to their home position when pressure drops again.

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Back-draught dampers

Rückschlagklappe aus verzinktem Stahl mit Alu Lamellen

Rückschlagklappe Fortluft VentilatorRückschlagklappe mit zwei ZonenRückschlagklappe SonderanfertigungenSonderanfertigung Rückschlagklappen+6

Back-draught dampers prevent return flow or the ingress of unwanted air. In operation the blades are open. When pressure drops or air flows back, the blades close automatically.

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Weather-proof louvres


ventilation grille semicircularWetterschutzgitter an Lüftungsgerät+13

Weather-proof louvres form the external closure of air ducts or ventilation openings and prevent the ingress of precipitation and foreign bodies. They are available in lightweight or heavy-duty design. We offer the Weather-proof louvres in a tried and test stable design made of several materials. We look forward to manufacturing a special solution to your individual specifications.

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Inspection doors

Revisionstüre mit Schauglas

Revisionstüre zweiflügelig mit demontierbarem MittelstegRevisionstüre aus Edelstahl für hohe LuftdrückeRevisionsklappe mit KABA DrehknopfzylinderWartungstüre zweiflügelig mit demontierbarem Mittelsteg+3

Inspection doors, also called inspection hatches, act as closures for maintenance openings. The air-tight inspection doors are fitted to close off maintenance access openings to ventilation systems, filter chambers, air conditioning systems etc. We manufacture the inspection doors in aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel. There are also a wide range of options. Special designs are one of our strengths.

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Wetterschutzgitter und Druckentlastungsklappe als Kombination

Wetterschutzgitter und Regulierklappe mit FlachrahmenWetterschutzgitter und Jalousieklappe als KombinationWetterschutzgitter und Regelklappe als EinheitWetterschutzgitter und Druckentlastungsklappe als Kombination+9

Combinations from Lucoma offer major benefits on the construction site and save installation time. Your order specifies the duct or opening dimension and we manufacture a pre-assembled product combination which is accurate to the exact millimetre. We manufacture customised and air-tight units, whether it is a weather-proof louvre with pressure-relief damper or a horizontal louvre with a volume control damper.

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Custom designs

explosion damper

weather-proof louvers made of stainless steelRückschlagklappe mit ausziehbarem InsektenschutzgitterLüftungsgitter aus Kupfer in SonderformenWetterschutzgitter schwenkbar mit Regulierklappe und Filtermatte+16

We find a solution for unusual design requirements, complex structural conditions or even extreme demands. One of our core competencies includes custom-made products based on your individual requirements. Just ask us if you require a solution for tunnel dampers, ventilation dampers for nuclear plants, heated blade dampers, zone dampers, high-pressure dampers or custom shapes and custom designs. We have the expertise it takes.

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