overpressure flap or pressure-relief damper

Pressure-relief dampers, also called overpressure dampers, with purely mechanical trigger system. The blades are closed in home position. When pressure rises above the specified value, the blades open and return automatically to their home position when pressure drops again.

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pressure-relief damper for round ducts with round transition

DRKr: With round transition

The  DRK pressure-relief damper has a convincing construction due to its purely mechanical and reliable function and use of the Lucoma modular design. The DRK is available in any combination of galvanised steel or stainless steel with aluminium or stainless steel blades.

The DRK is installed in duct systems or on machinery to maintain overpressure. They are mainly fitted in stairwells and smoke extraction systems.

explosion damper made of stainless steel

DRK-2MS2: With 2 central bar

Release pressure > 80 Pa
The DRK is adjusted to the required release pressure at our factory to customer specifications. The blades are closed in home position. When pressure rises above the specified value, the blades open and return automatically to their home position  when pressure drops again.

overpressure damper or relief flap

DRK: Release pressure < 80 Pa

Release pressure 35 – 80 Pa
In these applications a maximum pressure of 50 Pa is maintained so that in case of fire and when a door is opened, no smoke can pass from burning rooms into the stairwell, for example. The blades are coupled by solid rod linkage levers and weights and are adjusted at the factory to the customer-specified release pressure.

Pressure-relief damper round version with one blade

DRKr: round version up to max. Ø 700 mm

Round design:
For fitting in round ducts with  flange connection on both sides according to customer specifications or plug-in ends. Purely mechanical flutter damper, no electrical parts. Very low leakage in case of counter pressure.

Find out more about the DRK in the brochure or ask one of our experienced staff to advise you.