Wetterschutzgitter und Druckentlastungsklappe als Kombination

Combinations from Lucoma offer major benefits on the construction site and save installation time. Your order specifies the duct or opening dimension and we manufacture a pre-assembled product combination which is accurate to the exact millimetre. We manufacture customised and air-tight units, whether it is a weather-proof louvre with pressure-relief damper or a horizontal louvre with a volume control damper.

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Combination with weather-proof louver and control damper

Combination WSG-RGK: With electric actuator


Combinations from Lucoma offer major benefits on construction site and save installation time. Customised units are quick and easy to fit. Each of the products are sealed by an intermediate frame and assembled to form a single unit. We can combine products with different materials or different surface treatments.

Combination with weather-proof louver with pressure-relief damper

Combination WSG-DRK

Overview of combinations:
  Weather-proof louvre – Volume control damper
•  Weather-proof louvre – Pressure relief damper
•  Weather-proof louvre – Back-draught damper
•  Horizontal WSG – Volume control damper
•  Horizontal WSG – Pressure relief damper
•  Sloping roof WSG – Volume control damper
•  Volume control damper – Pressure relief damper
•  etc.

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