Weather-proof louvres

Weather-proof louvres (general)


ventilation grille semicircularWetterschutzgitter an Lüftungsgerät+13

Weather-proof louvres form the external closure of air ducts or ventilation openings and prevent the ingress of precipitation and foreign bodies. They are available in lightweight or heavy-duty design. We offer the Weather-proof louvres in a tried and test stable design made of several materials. We look forward to manufacturing a special solution to your individual specifications.

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Acoustic weather-proof louvre


ACOUSTIC WEATHERPOOF LOUVRE In addition to the functions of a common weatherproof louvre, this version has an acoustic damping function. It does not only prevent the penetration of precipitation and foreign bodies but is used wherever noises from inside or from outside must be avoided. The special louvre shape with optimised distance also optimises the ratio between pressure loss and insertion insulation value.

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Burglar-resistant weather-proof louvre

RC2,3,4 Gitter LUCOMA

Our new specially reinforced and tested weather protection louvre WSG-50-RC3 offers over 5 minutes burglar resistance. And for increased protection, we have developed a louvre which meets the requirements of resistance class RC4 and will prevent even experienced burglars using heavy tools from breaking in for over 10 minutes.

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Pitched roof weather-proof louvre



Pitched roof weather-proof louvres act as duct closure for fitting on the outside of buildings or as ventilation opening closures on inclined roofs. Due to the low installation height, the WSG-H3-SD remains inconspicuous and is particularly suitable for use in listed buildings. We manufacture the sloped roof weather protection louvre to order and with millimetre precision to meet your requirements.

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Flat roof weather-proof louvres



Flat roof weather-proof louvres act as the horizontal duct closure for fitting on the outside of buildings or as ventilation opening closures on roofs. The flat roof weather-proof louvre offers a visually more attractive alternative as a rain protector or a protector hood. We offer the WSG-H3 in several materials and manufacture according to your particular specifications.

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