Pitched roof weather-proof louvres act as duct closure for fitting on the outside of buildings or as ventilation opening closures on inclined roofs. Due to the low installation height, the WSG-H3-SD remains inconspicuous and is particularly suitable for use in listed buildings. We manufacture the sloped roof weather protection louvre to order and with millimetre precision to meet your requirements.

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WSG-H3-SDf-KA: for roof pitch 36° – 54° with duct connection

The WSG-H3-SD Pitched roof weather-proof louvre is available in aluminium, copper and stainless steel. We can also supply the louvres in anodised aluminium or powder-coated. The design is based on a welded, stable and torsion-resistant housing with specially fitted blades. The weather protection louvres are manufactured to order with millimetre precision, specific requirements on site can be incorporated into the production. For applications at high altitudes and in cold regions, the WSG-H3 can be equipped with an electrical resistance heating system.



MZ: Mounting frame for pitched roof (optionally available)

The WSG-H3-SD pitched roof weather-proof louvre offers a visually more attractive alternative as a rain protector or a  protector hood. They act as the horizontal duct closure for fitting on the outside of buildings or as ventilation opening closures on roofs. The WSG-H3-SD can be integrated into the roof constructions and the colour matched so that it remains inconspicuous and blends in perfectly to its surroundings. Any roof pitch can be fitted with our louvres in an aesthetically attractive and optimal manner.



WSG-H3-SDf-MZ: Installation example pitched roof

Precipitation is deflected by the blades and drained to the surrounding water channel. The water flows out of the grid at the bottom and is evacuated via the roof. An overhead mesh grating prevents large dirt particles from entering. The horizontal weather-proof louvre is available as H3 with three blade rows for supply and exhaust air.







WSG-SDf 36°-54° Dimensions min. W=400mm, H=750 mm
WSG-SDs 55°-80° Dimensions min. W=400mm, H=550 mm

Dimensions max. B=7900mm, H=7900mm (Size should not exceed 2400mm for transport reasons)
Larger dimensions are manufactured in several parts.

Complete in aluminium, copper, stainless steel V2A or V4A

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