Volume control dampers


Volume control dampers, also called blade dampers, in all conventional materials, sizes and designs. We also supply a number of additional options, materials and special sizes. The Lucoma modular system gives us extreme flexibility to implement range of different solutions. Every damper is manufactured just in time to your specifications.

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Volume control damper with Belimo actuator

RGK: With Belimo actuator

The  REGLAIR volume control damper from Lucoma is also referred to as a control damper, closing damper, damper flap, blade damper or ventilation damper. It is available in aluminium, with a galvanised frame or as a all-stainless steel damper. The field-proven modular system permits a wide variety of material combinations, e.g. aluminium blades with stainless steel frame or aluminium frame with stainless steel blades and much more.

air flow control damper for nuclear power plant

RGK: With pneumatic actuator

Control dampers are used to regulate volumetric flow and pressure and to shut off air ducts and ventilation openings in walls, ceilings or on machinery. Fitting takes place with blades aligned horizontally or vertically.

round control damper with blades

RGKr: Round version with electric actuator

The frame consists of rigid torsion-resistant C profiles which are bolted together by special corner brackets. The streamlined and low-noise hollow section blades are connected to a precision external rod linkage. The spindles run in maintenance-free, oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearings at both ends. The blades are fitted with special seals and are either connected working in opposite directions (standard design) or in parallel. Additional side seals permit tightness levels up to 4,0 m³/hm² at 300 Pa.

shut-off damper or smoke damper high temperature resistant

RGK: High temperature version

Strong features of REGLAIR:
  attractive and robust design
•  extremely low-maintenance and long service life
•  streamlined and low-noise blades
•  very rigid blades self-supporting for up to 2500 mm
•  tightness classes according to CEN 1751 and higher
•  temperature resistance in classes up to 600°C
•  available as bypass damper or with central bar
•  sizes up to 7900 mm in one piece
•  product available in ATEX design with certificate
•  earthquake calculations available

Find out more about REGLAIR in the brochure or ask one of our experienced staff to advise you.